Mr. Ross, a director of the company, has broad experience in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector. Mr. Ross held senior positions in Sandoz (Novartis), Fisons, and Roche. In 1991, he joined the Board of Directors of Celltech Group plc and was CEO of Celltech Biologics from 1991-1995. From 1995 through 2000 he was CEO of Quadrant Healthcare, which he took public in 1998, merged with Andaris Ltd. in 1999 and sold to Elan in 2000. In 2001/2002 Mr Ross was responsible for the operational and financial turn-around of Allergy Therapeutics Ltd. Currently Mr. Ross is Chairman and director of a number of life sciences companies including Biomer Technologies Ltd, Metabometrix Ltd and Eden Biopharma Group Ltd. In addition he is an advisor to a number of venture funds.