Kunwar Shailubhai, Ph.D. & M.B.A., is Executive Vice President and Head of Research and Development of Callisto Pharmaceuticals. From 2001 to April 2003, Dr. Shailubhai was Vice President, Drug Discovery at Synergy Pharmaceuticals, where he was chiefly responsible for the development of Synergy’s GCRA agonist program for drugs to treat colon cancer. Dr. Shailubhai has been working in the area of cancer and inflammatory diseases for nearly 15 years. At Monsanto Company from 1993 to 2000, he was Group Leader of the cancer chemoprevention group and worked on a number of projects in cancer research including inhibitors of metalloproteinases, cyclooxygenase-1&2, and 5-lipoxygenase as anti-tumor agents. He also initiated and developed a project on applications of COX-2 selective inhibitors (CELEBREX®) for inhibition of angiogenesis and for induction of apoptosis in xenografts of human prostate cancer cell lines in nude mice. Recently, he conceived a novel hypothesis on prevention and control of primary colon cancer by human uroguanylin, and demonstrated that the oral administration of human uroguanylin (16 amino acid peptide) inhibits polyp formation in Apc min/+ by inducing apoptosis in intestinal epithelium. This research invention received national recognition and press coverage by the Cancer Foundation of America. Dr. Shailubhai has extensive experience and knowledge in various biochemical mechanisms leading to the process of carcinogenesis. He previously served as a Senior Staff Fellow at the National Institutes of Health and an Assistant Professor at the University of Maryland. Dr. Shailubhai holds 3 patents and has 36 publications in peer-reviewed scientific journals. He earned is Ph.D. in Microbiology in 1984, followed by a post-doctoral fellowship at the University of Maryland at College Park, Maryland. Dr. Shailubhai received an M.B.A. with special emphasis on executive management and business development.