Atiprimod for multiple myeloma and cancer: The primary focus of Callisto Pharmaceuticals is the clinical development of Atiprimod for multiple myeloma, bone resorption disorders and solid tumors. Atiprimod has completed Phase I safety studies in rheumatoid arthritis patients and an IND was submitted in September 2003 to enter proof-of-principle studies in multiple myeloma patients. Recent results from Callisto’s laboratories and from the National Cancer Institute have demonstrated the anti-cancer and anti-angiogenic properties of Atiprimod. The unique combination of these properties makes Atiprimod an ideal drug candidate for treatment of other cancers. Further preclinical experiments in animal models are being conducted in collaboration with the National Cancer Institute to extend applications of Atiprimod to other cancers.

GCRA for colon cancer: Callisto also has a novel peptide therapeutic (GCRA agonist) that has been shown in animal models to prevent the development of polyps and has potential to treat colon cancer. Recent results suggest therapeutic applications of GCRA technology to the prevention and treatment of colorectal metastasis.

Bioterrorism: Callisto’s licensed technology from Rockefeller University is directed towards the development of a novel peptide and a monoclonal antibody as broad-spectrum drugs to treat bio-terrorist threats from weaponized bacterial agents.

OCD for diagnostics: Callisto is presently seeking to out-license a diagnostic technology developed in collaboration with the Rockefeller University for the diagnosis of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Small clinical trial results have been published, proving the concept of using such a diagnostic test for confirming OCD diagnosis.